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Francis Miranda

Founder, Speaker, CEO

"Always remember that your voice is louder than everyone else's."

Francis is the Unapologetic Dude. An international speaker, entrepreneur and author. Irreverent, funny, contemporary, practical and hard hitting. These are some adjectives to describe Francis' speaking and workshop style. He's inspired countless people through his encouraging wit and sometimes tough love approach. His passion is freeing people from the prison of people pleasing.

He is currently the CEO and Founder of Irreverent Inspiration Inc, the mother holding company of Unapologetic. Their mission as a company is to help change the world and they do this by discovering, honing and developing inspirepreneurs with a passion for helping people. Francis lives by the mantra that the greatest proof of inspiration is to get shit done. That's why every unapologetic event is designed to push people to accomplish a task that moves them closer to their dreams!

Kia Alvarez Abrera

Business Development, Editor, Author and Unapologetic Speaker

The voice of an angel with devlish organizational skills, Kia, brings order to chaos. A couple of years ago, she did the unthinkable and founded a design studio with her husband Mel called Braveworks. A co-founder of Francis for Designtrepreneur Academy helping designers become entrepreneurs is a passion for Kia. When she's not busy organizing our workshops or creating videos she's helping develop the business plans of our speakers. She has published her first book co-written with Francis called WTF: Unlocking Your Creativity Through Questions. Her anchor workshop is called Creative Bravery and has helped people unlock the power of their creativity!

Kassy Pajarillo

Unapologetic Motivator and Connector

Kassy Pajarillo is a co-founder of The After Six club with Francis Miranda. She is also the organizer of LinkedIn Local in the Philippines. Her mantra is #EmbraceAmbition and this girl really lives this! She has grand dreams for the Philippines and wants to help millennials in the perilous task of Adulting. She collaborates with Unapologetic Dude in organizing our many events while developing her Ambitious Leadership platform.

Kristine Mutuc Taton

Social Media Manager, Author, Speaker and Content Writer

Tin is the queen of our social media. Demanding and demure at the same time, she manages to kick us into action whether its writing our blog posts, finishing our books or creating our videos. Tin helps bring the entire Unapologetic company together. If you inquire for any of our services, she's probably the person you'll be talking to. Don't worry she's nice.

Tin is also the brainchild behind our successful Opportunistic Marketing and Opportunistic Content workshops as well as the book Opportunistic Marketing that has reinvented how entrepreneurs can market themselves!

Mel Abrera

Creative Director and Video Director

Mel is the other half of the Braveworks tandem with his wife Kia. He is silent but kicks ass when he creates video content for Team Unapologetic. Together with Kia and Francis he is one of the co-founders of Designtrepreneur Academy which helps creative people learn killer business skills. He helps create great videos and content for Team Unapologetic. If you're looking for a great video director, he's the guy to call!

Mark Anthony Alagos

Unapologetic Trainer

Mark is a contagious burst of energy and cheerfulness. Anyone who has ever worked with him will undoubtedly experience that. But behind this big smile is a person who is passionate about training people and helping transform them to be better. Mark is one of our Unapologetic Trainers and helps run our many workshops with his infectious positivity!

Ene Lagunzad

Unapologetic Speaker - Career

Unconventional is a word that can be best used to describe Ene. Unapologetic through and through, she speaks this language through her hair color, skin art and affinity to cats. Ene has a powerful message for people searching for their right careers and calling. She helps create unapologetic career modules that help inspire people interested in unconventional career journeys!

Jena Formoso

Unapologetic Speaker - Money and Finance

Jena quit her job as a nurse in Singapore to pursue her passion and calling to educate people on the right use of money. A girl unafraid to take risks, she pours her heart into knocking sense in people about their finances and helping them realize that if they don't shape up they'll wind up in poverty. Her unapologetic approach to money and financial planning is a wake up call for people who have no financial plans. She has a series of financial workshops called Money Murderers. Check out this site for the schedules!

Lysa Sanchez

Unapologetic Inspirational Speaker

Lysa is a veteran of sales and marketing for fourteen years as well as a passionate educator. She provides consultancy and research services to a variety of clients. Lysa is not a stranger to the spotlight as she inspires millennials with her unique take on searching for one's directions in life. Her landmark talk is the irreverent "What to do if you don't know what to do" talks! Lysa is one of our unapologetic speakers. She speaks with a blend of humor and hard hitting truth bombs.

Gem Mailum

Unapologetic Speaker

Gem Mailum is an up and coming speaker and trainer. After being a training officer in Puregold for many years he is now sharpening his saw as an Unapologetic Speaker specializing in truthful communication, Gem has workshops on how to foster total and transparent communication in organizations. These workshops are all about creating an atmosphere of trust so that communication flows naturally. We're excited to have him aboard and his unique take on inspiration! If you want to hire Gem, message us and we'll prepare a great program for you!

Marvin Ballera

Unapologetic Team Builder

Marvin Ballera joins Team Unapologetic energized by his vision to create team building events that create meaningful relationships. Getting people together united towards one vision is one of the things that define Marvin's life. Together with Francis, he's working on unique team building program called The Weakest Link. This is a team building idea that is unlike any you've seen before! If you're interested in getting team Unapologetic to do your team building, just drop us a message!

Laila Marquez

Unapologetic Speaker

Laila Marquez is a veteran medical practitioner. She started her career as a medical lab scientist and is now currently doing marketing for medical professionals. Her love for the medical field drove her to create a platform specifically for those in the medical field. Her current passion is to help highly stressed medical professionals find the proper work life balance. After all, healers first need to heal themselves through her workshop Mending Your Work Life Blood Suckers. Watch out in this space for what Lala will create! It's coming soon!

Xandie Sacro

Unapologetic NLP Coach

Xandie Sacro is passionate about NLP and its ability to help change people's lives. She's driven by the passion of using NLP to be able to help her fellow woman have Uninsultable Hearts. This passion to help women destroy self defeating life patterns is what drove her to go out of her comfort zone and jump head first into her pioneer workshop called "Don't Be a Self Condeming Bitch!" If you're looking for an NLP workshop for women she's the person to hire! Message us and we can create a powerful workshop for your team!

Karren Renz Sena

Book Writing Coach, Editor and Unapologetic Books Head

Karen Sena is our unapologetic books expert. A passionate writing coach and author she has helped countless people get their books published through her Beautiful Words program. She is the lead for Unapologetic books where she searches for talented writers out there to promote and push. Karen's new book Unwritten is a call for people who dream of writing books to finally sit down and publish them. If you are interested in having your books published by us shoot us an email at We'll help you make your books a reality!


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