You Don't Deserve a Life Less Than Extraordinary

You Don’t Deserve a Life Less Than Extraordinary

When we were younger I’ll bet that we all imagined extraordinary things happening in our lives. Our ambitions went as far as our imagination could bring us.

But something happened. We grew up. Now that’s not a bad thing. Growing up is a part of what we do. But for many of us, something tragic happened. We also lost the ability to imagine an extraordinary life.

The sad truth is that the practicalities of day to day living removed the extra from ordinary and we wound up getting stuck with ordinary lives. When we stop letting our imagination run wild, that’s when tedium and boredom with our lives sneak in.

And here’s my suspicion. A lot of us succumb to addictions, depression and self sabotaging habits not because of weakness of character but because of boredom. We’ve bored out the excitement in our lives and we indulge in addictions to numb out the boredom.

But here’s something worth a try. It may work for you or it may not. But at least give it a try. Allow yourself the possibility to imagine an extraordinary life for you again. Not just a life where you’re merely surviving but a life where you’re thriving and doing things that freaking make you feel alive. Go back into creating a life you want to live in and not escape. And it starts with you rejecting the thought of you living a life less than EXTRAORDINARY!

Friend, you’ve got the bloody future locked up in the brain of yours! Allow yourself to imagine again how far you can go. Because when you believe you deserve an extraordinary life, you’ll bloody get an extraordinary life!

I really believe that you have the power to create an extraordinary life. Because of that, me and my friend Kia Abrera wrote a book called What The Freak: Unlock Your Creativity by Asking the Right Questions! It’s available for purchase in ebook format by clicking here: This book will help you create that wonderful life you want! Download it now!


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