Use Your Fears to Fuel Your Fire

Use Your Fears to Fuel Your Fire

Rap music is one of the genres of music I know least. And this being New York, you get to meet all sorts of people. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a guy in a coffee shop who is a rapper. Naturally I was so curious about how Afro-Americans are able to put words into their rhymes. He shared with me so much about rap music in that hour of conversation to cover a lifetime of my ignorance.

I learnt a new thing. Just like improv, rap is all about your personal truth. You pull your material from the stories of your life. My friend shared with me that the best verses comes from the trials and insecurities of one’s life. The tragedies and challenges of your life fuel your verses and helps you create your music.

This got me thinking. Our fears, our trials, the $hî+ we go through. All of these can be fuel for the art of our lives. What’s awesome is that nothing is really wasted. Not even the crap.

All the bad stuff that happens to us we can spin and use to fuel our fires. If your going through pain right now, use it as fuel! If you’re afraid of something, use it as fuel. When you combine them together with your own beats, you’ll come up with amazing art that is called your life!

Are you going through bad times now? If you are, post below your declaration of victory! Tell the world what you’ll do to make that fear into your fire! I wanna hear that! Do share this as well with your friends who want to create a great rap in their lives!


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