Upskill or Be Killed

Upskill or Be Killed

Recently, we’ve all seen monumental leaps in technology. Just recently a tech company unveiled an advanced artificial intelligence personal assistant who can book appointments for you. Technology is good but just like any other development, it has the potential to make certain professions extinct.

Take contact centers for instance. It’s no secret that the Philippines is one of the biggest providers of contact center services to the world, but there’s a risk that the advent of AI can put these people out of a job. Unless they upskill to meet these new demands.

Upskilling is a new term and today over lunch I was having a great discussion with an advertising genius about it. In our discussion we were talking about how it’s important for each and everyone of us to constantly upskill. To look for new skills that will augment our body of knowledge.

Now that I think about it, upskilling is probably what helped us humans get to where we are right now. Upskilling is evolution.

We need to ask ourselves? When was the last time we learnt something new? The last time we invested time in acquiring a new skill? When did we last read a good book? Friends, if the answer to these questions has been a long time ago, maybe we need to wake up!

Upskilling is all about evolution and a failure to evolve leads to extinction. Today, make a decision to learn something new. Technology can either be a terminator or a tool. It depends on you. If you don’t upskill, it will definitely kill you, but if you do, you can harness it’s power like a tool.

What new thing will you learn today? Share it below. And while you’re at it, please do me a favor and share this post! You could change a life!

Happy upskilling!


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