Saying Yes Gives Certainty Amidst Uncertainty

Saying Yes Gives Certainty Amidst Uncertainty

My entire family has immigrated to the United States. In fact, I’m the only one of my family who is still living in Manila. My dad petitioned me to live here but it’s been so long already that I’ve actually not given much thought to immigrating here. That was until recently when unexpectedly I got word that my green card was approved.

Now none of this was part of my 2018 plans. Today I found out that I have a final interview date. Which means before 2018 ends I theoretically should be living in New York. This unexpected development brought me some jitters but one thing I’ve learnt from improv theater gave me strength to be brave.

Just say yes. In improv comedy we are always trained to say “yes, and…” to any circumstance that is thrown in our direction. So in the face of unexpected things we are always prepared to say yes and accept it. And guess what? That yes has the power to put certainty to all uncertainty.

If you’re going through something uncertain in life, just say yes. Go with the flow and see where that yes takes you. Pain and difficulty happens when we resist the changes life shoved in our face. But when we say yes, it empowers us to ride the waves of life in a much classier way.

What will happen to me if I wind up in New York? I have no f-ing clue. But I’ll say yes to it and see what happens.

If this post inspired you to say yes, please say yes to me and share this with your friends. I would really love that! I’m also excited to hear your adventures!


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