Replace the Staleness of Yesterday with the Freshness of Tomorrow

Replace the Staleness of Yesterday with the Freshness of Tomorrow

I left New York just as the spring came. During that time the trees all erupted from dead wooden sticks into colorful blooms. It was truly magical and truly beautiful to see what once was dead come back to life.

When I arrived in Manila, I had coffee with a friend Joseph and the topic strayed into our word of the year. Mine was unapologetic whereas his was fresh.

Fresh, that word is so interesting and it quickly evoked in my mind images of spring. He talked about how freshness is all about a spirit of constant renewal. Finding new things that refresh one’s soul. He said that the sad thing is that so many people are trapped in the staleness of yesterday. They’re locked in prisons of their past. In old ways of thinking. Bad self images. In toxic relationships. And what do we do with stale things? We f-ing throw them away.

I emerged from that conversation blessed and I took home the word fresh. Have we been searching for fresh things? Are our lives fresh? What have we been doing to inject freshness in our lives? I guess just like fresh food we are called to carefully pick freshness often. This simply means opening our lives often and unapologetically with new experiences, new ways of thinking, knowledge and connections.

Ultimately, we are called to have fresh lives! And fresh lives are delicious lives. Have a fresh life guys!

Are you living a fresh life? What are you doing to live this fresh life? Are there stale things in your life? Do me a favor. If you feel your life is fresh, comment fresh below and if you feel it’s stale, comment stale. If you place stale, don’t stop there! Think about how to get rid of that staleness and inject freshness in your life! Do share this message as well to someone who can be blessed!


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