Life Begins Anytime You Want It To

Life Begins Anytime You Want It To

Life begins at your 40s. This is something that I’ve heard a lot of. And before that it’s life begins at your 30s. I’m sure that when I hit my 50s that’s when life is going to also begin. But today while having coffee with a friend, it dawned on me that life doesn’t begin at any predefined decade. Rather life begins when we decide that it begins. This friend of mine is in her 20s and she decided to embrace life to the fullest by pursuing her career as an artist. She didn’t want to wait until her 30s or 40s to do that!

Yet I sadly have friends in middle age or even in advanced ages who have so much frustration because they haven’t truly lived. Their existence is purely conditional and contingent upon something else.

You see so many of us pause our lives waiting for the perfect moment when we can declare our lives have “begun.” But when we think about it closely, our lives can begin anytime we so want it. We just have to decide.

This means no more pausing of our lives. No more living a life less ordinary. Let’s not place any conditions anymore. No more, I’ll live if I have this or I’ll be content if I achieve this. Nope decide to live now!

If we decide, we can, at any time live life to the fullest. This means Unapologetically pursuing our dreams. This means living a life of deliberate passion. Why? Because life is too damn short.

If you’re ready to decide to live life to the fullest check out my website I’ve got programs both for individuals and corporations that can help you decide to jumpstart your life! Let’s get to it together!

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