Invest in Learning Not In Buying

Invest in Learning Not In Buying

In a few months, I’m about to leave and move to New York to try to build my career there as an international inspirational speaker. As my impending departure comes near, I discovered a seismic shift in the way I would spend money.

Little by little I stopped buying things. In fact, since I got my visa, I haven’t bought any major material thing. Not shoes, not clothes. Nothing.

But one thing I did notice was that I’ve been investing a lot in learning. Like paying good money attending seminars, workshops, online webinars, buying digital books and all sorts of learning stuff. Little did I notice that I’ve shifted my purchases from material things to learning.

I realized then the power of learning. When I go to New York, everything I’ve paid for is now stored in my brain. All of the learning i’ve received will definitely help me in my quest to conquer New York. I’ve become a better human being, more competitive and more equipped for the challenges awaiting me in the Big Apple.

Maybe that’s where our money should be going! Have you considered where you’ve been investing your money? Are you buying material things that merely gather dust or worst damage the environment? Or are you investing in learning which makes you better as a person.

So here’s my advice for you today. If you think you’re worth it, invest today in learning something. After reading this, buy an ebook or enroll in a workshop. Subscribe to webinar. Get into the habit of investing in learning. Trust me, the returns for this are astronomical!

Speaking of learning, so many people have been approaching me for Personal Branding. That’s one of my specialities after all. I’ve created a special personal branding workshop for all you guys! It’s called Opportunistic Marketing and it’s with my friend Social Media Guru Tin Mutuc. If you want to invest in yourself, here’s a concrete way! Click here:


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