Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home

Have you ever been faced with a task that scared the $hî+ out of you? That challenge that’s so big that it causes you to break out in cold sweat? I have. Countless times. And in the face of these major things we need to accomplish, we are given two choices:

Go big or go home.

You see when it comes to our dreams and destinies, the only path is to dream big. I remember a saint saying that we ought to hit for the sun so that if we miss it we still hit the moon.

When we look back into our lives, how many times have we really gone big? I’ll wager that for a lot of us, we haven’t really gone big because we’ve all feared failing. Or we’ve timidly kowtowed to the opinions and judgements of others. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Because of this, we wind up not going big, but going for what we feel is what will please others.

The result of this is a frustration that will gnaw at your soul and a doubt that transforms into regret that will plague us near the end of our days. None of us want this obviously, so the only choice is to go big.

Go big with our dreams. Go big with our ambitions. Go big with our mission and lastly go big with our actions. And don’t allow anyone to damn tell you otherwise.

Because if you ain’t ready to go big, then just go home, because truthfully with an attitude like that, you’re not going anywhere far.


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