Don't Be a Victim of a Bad Mindset

Don’t Be a Victim of a Bad Mindset

We’ve heard many times that you’re a victim of circumstances. In fact for many of us, we use this phrase to justify why we’re stuck in a sucky situation. After all it’s a bad circumstance? Who can blame us if we are stuck here?

Tough love time friends. When we say that we are victims of our circumstance it’s often our way to camouflage the fact that we really just have a bad mindset. It’s a cowardly way for us to remove all responsibility from our situation.

I mean look at some of the biggest successes. The Philippines richest man Henry Sy was born poor. He may have had a bad circumstance but he had a good mindset. He didn’t allow that horrid situation keep him stuck.

And neither can we. Friends. If you find yourself stuck in a bad situation or feel trapped by your circumstance, maybe you oughta check your mindset. Poverty is found in one’s mindset as well. And here’s the best part. You have the power to change your circumstances with your mindset.

So when you’re stuck, stop telling yourself that you’re a freaking victim. You’re not! You’re a freaking victor! And if you adapt a victorious mindset don’t be surprised if you find yourself in victorious circumstances!


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