Believe You Can Kick Ass

Doing charitable works makes the world more awesome. Today I was meeting an amazing group of friends. The purpose? To create a different type of outreach program.

We all agreed that maybe it’s time to go beyond just feeding underprivileged kids. Maybe it’s time to start them young in dismantling their culture of poverty. When we were talking, one thing that broke our hearts was that for many of these children their poverty has made them incapable of dreaming again.

Hence we created the Kaya Ko (I Can) Community which will teach kids the power of what they can achieve. Because that’s where it all starts! When we believe we can, it’s when we can start to kick @$$. And this lesson ain’t just for the kids but for us too!

As my immigration to the United States to kick start an international speaking career comes closer, I constantly have to remind myself that I can! My request for you. Always remind yourself that you can! And here’s what I want. If there’s something you want to do but are afraid to do it, comment below with the phrase “I Can …” let’s support one another! For me it’s “I can be successful in New York!” What’s yours?

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