Are you in the Right Season of Success

Are you in the Right Season of Success

I had a very interesting observation today. You see this couple of weeks I’ve been kind of worried that I wasn’t getting that many speaking engagements. But then this week however I’ve had a ton of Marketing, Advertising and Strategy consulting jobs. I’ve won a couple of new accounts and got approvals on everything I’ve submitted. You’d think I’d be grateful right? But, because I was trying to build a speaking career I felt worried at how I didn’t get a lot of gigs. In a word: I was blind to my blessing.

Last month though was a different story. I had more speaking gigs than marketing gigs. Then it dawned on me that maybe what we view as failure or performance below what we expect is merely a different season of success.

It’s like what my mentor would teach me. Look for blessings and you’ll find blessings. I guess I’ve been looking for a different type of blessing that I’ve failed to see how I’m still getting blessed but in a different way. If you feel you’re in a down season, maybe you’re just in a different success season. And here’s the rub: it’s always a success season. You just need to see where you’re successful at that season! Maybe it’s not your money season but maybe it’s your relationship season. Maybe it’s not your career season but maybe it’s your health season.

Open your eyes to the success season you’re in and see how your life will change!

And speaking of success seasons if you need a speaker or a marketing, branding or advertising consultant, just visit my website I’d love to help you solve your problems in a fun and exciting way! Hit me up!


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