A Delay Doesn't Mean A Denial

A Delay Doesn’t Mean A Denial

Waiting for something? If your getting impatient about the thing you’ve been waiting for, here’s a story about waiting that I hope will bring you hope. 20 years ago, my father petitioned my siblings and me to go live in the US. About 13 years ago, my siblings got their petition approved and moved to the US. As luck would have it, I aged out and I and another sister got stuck in the Philippines.

Even though the petition still continued. Then 7 years ago my father suddenly died. And of course, my petition died with him. So after waiting all this time, whatever hopes I had of rejoining the rest of my family died. Or so it seemed.

Apparently, my sister reinstated my petition and it quietly churned in the background. Honestly, i never gave it much thought because I felt that it would never come. My reasoning is, I’m tired of waiting.

Then it came. Suddenly without warning, in January of this year I got a letter saying I got approved. Fast forward to today, I received in the mail, my passport stamped with my US immigrant visa. Finally, I’ll be reunited to live with my sisters and brother. Finally I’ll move to New York and get a chance to build a career as an international speaker.

20 years of waiting. A life time to be exact.

But I guess a lesson as well. Today I learnt that a delay doesn’t mean a denial. I thought because I was so delayed in getting this visa, I would never get it. But I did. And maybe you might be also waiting on something. Whatever it is you’re waiting for, I want to share with you this thought: it will come. Be patient. Never lose hope. Because as I love saying: “You never know.”

Don’t lose hope because you’re comparing your timeline with others. Your timeline is unique to you. And when it’s meant to come, it will come. Not early, not late. Just in time.

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